About Bel Bas parts

Welcome to Bel Bas Parts! The complete shop for all your microsoldering needs.

Bel Bas Parts (Call Bas parts) is owned and operated by Bel Bas computerservice in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We are a small but successful computer repair shop founded in 2011.

We work mainly on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Since 2013 we’ve been honing our skills in the field of motherboard repairs on Apple handheld devices and Macbooks.

This site was founded in 2018 to support our European microsoldering colleagues. We are working tirelessly to supply you with motherboard parts for Apple handheld devices, Macbooks, consoles etc. From the most common partsĀ  to hard to find parts.

What we do

We’re committed to supply you with a complete collection of only the best parts, tools and supplies for your microsoldering workshop. With a growing collection of not only motherboard parts for iPhone, Macbook and other popular brands but also professional tools and supplies BelBasParts is aiming to be the last stop you’ll have to make.

With years of experience in repairing consumer electronics we know what to look for when shopping around for parts. Good quality and a fair price! Profit is best made when customers come back for new repairs, not for warranty repairs.

Contact us directly if you have any problem with one of our parts and we’ll sort it out.

Our Vision

Diagnosing and reparing motherboards has become more and more accessible for techs around the world. Popular techs on Youtube like Jessa Jones and Louis Rossman have broken ground for beginning techs with their step by step tutorials and deep-diving instructions.

As a repairshop ourselves we were frustrated by the lack of options for small parts. So here we are, filling a void for you guys. Scouring the web, making connections around the globe to find all the parts and supplies you need.

If you ever need a part that you can’t find on the site, drop us a note and we’ll get it for you!

What can we do for you ?

Don’t hesitate to ask if you ever have a question about our parts, tools or supplies. With years of experience in microsoldering and running a repairshop, there’s little we can’t help you with!

Nothing sucks more than working with ass-grade parts. That’s why we only sell stuff that we use in our own shop. If you ever have a problem with one of our parts, drop us a note and we’ll sort it out.

You order, we ship as fast as we can. With multiple transport options to choose from we can get your parts to you as fast as possible.